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Toll House 6th Floor, City Gate East, Tollhouse Hill

HICCS is a consultancy business providing solutions for businesses and individuals. HICCS also helps professionals to take the next big step in their careers through HICCS Evolve, our efficient training program is designed to help you become a more dynamic professional. Fusion-Ops is our latest community project designed to introduce and educate next generation business practice.


'Power Through Awareness'

HICCS is an international innovative operations business solutions provider. Our core focus is to help business cut operational cost and become more sustainable and transparent. We also work on individual growth through training and personal development to inspire people to begin their journey towards a brighter future.

Regardless of industry we can help you develop and improve your business practice. Our informed practice is based on efficiency both regarding advisory support and system solutions.

The next generation of informed business management has arrived. Our free to access community project designed to drive the conscious transformation of the business environment.

HICCS provides Operational Business Solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes, we work with larger multinationals such as Rolls Royce in Engineering, as well as smaller local practitioners like Footsteps to Futures who provide care homes for children. Working across private, public and charity sectors, as well as cross industry makes us extremely dynamic and allows us to continuously improve our services and toolsets, which in turn allows us to easily adapt to the needs of different businesses.

HICCS Orbit is all about career development, aspirations and self awareness. Let us help you become the best you can be!

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