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HICCS is a consultancy business providing solutions for businesses and individuals. HICCS also helps professionals to take the next big step in their careers through HICCS Evolve, our efficient training program is designed to help you become a more dynamic professional. Fusion-Ops is our latest community project designed to introduce and educate next generation business practice.


'Power Through Awareness'

HICCS is an international innovative operations business solutions provider. Our core focus is to help business cut operational cost and become more sustainable and transparent. We also work on individual growth through training and personal development to inspire people to begin their journey towards a brighter future.


Business Solutions

‘Next generation easy to use technical solutions for your business operations’

  • Range of un-supported or supported, fully- or semi-tailored Tech Solutions.

  • We will work with you to develop the tools and techniques to better manage your business and its operations.

  • Our primary aim is to guarantee simplicity, if your workforce understands the tools they are given then the data will make more sense and will be cheaper to generate and analyse.


[Simple-Effective-Affordable-Lean-Technology] 'Designed to change the way your organisation operates and performs'

  • SEAL-Tech ensures we work with a clear aim, which is to ensure the tools we design are as user friendly as possible whilst providing high impact on quality, cost, and delivery.

  • Where applicable we use previous system designs to reduce development time and development cost, this is why we are the preferred provider among our clients.

  • For us, excellence is a minimum requirement.

Our Team Will Help

‘Our specialist team will help you develop, run and control your organisation and people better and more effectively’

  • Our SQP [Service Quality Promise] 

  1. We do not charge down-time and keep things simple and easy to understand where possible. We only ever suggest support that is considered value added.

  2. Delivery RFT [Right First Time] focus, always, if we make a mistake it’s on us to fix it.

  3. Developing healthy mutually respectful relationships.

EVOLVE Training

‘Unique education and training provision that enhances capability, skills and leadership’

  • We believe training and development can make a huge difference for people and business alike. Our training is unique in the sense that we constantly evolve our training packs using practical experience gained from our projects in the field. The two training avenues we run are Leadership Training and Operations Management.

  • Our ORBIT [Personal Development Journey] is unique in that it helps you reach your true individual potential or improve the capability of your workforce.

HICCS Fusion-Ops

‘Shaping the future of sustainable, efficient business operations’

  • Working with people to capture, share and educate business best practice.

  • HICCS Fusion-Ops is designed to help people engage and become interested in the wider context of sustainable Business Operations and Management through capturing their imagination.

  • 'The Fusion-Ops Magazine' acts as your overriding Guide To Business Management, giving you a deeper insight into the fascinating world of what a real next generation business needs to look and feel like.

We Want You

'This project requires engagement, why not become a Fusion-Ops author'

  • Fusion-Ops is a free global community engagement initiative and looks to engage people who are curious and eager to learn about business, as well as allow people with different business backgrounds to share their thoughts, views and experiences on best practice and operating principals.

  • Fusion-Ops is our contribution to CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] and our way to give something back to people and growth of society.

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'Get in touch, we want to hear from you, after all conversation can provide the spark for achieving greatness'

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HICCS provides Operational Business Solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes, we work with larger multinationals such as Rolls Royce in Engineering, as well as smaller local practitioners like Footsteps to Futures who provide care homes for children. Working across private, public and charity sectors, as well as cross industry makes us extremely dynamic and allows us to continuously improve our services and toolsets, which in turn allows us to easily adapt to the needs of different businesses.